Elite Protection Program

We help you to keep your car looking new!

The Elite Protection Program offers membership benefits covering minor cosmetic repairs that standard comprehensive auto insurance typically does not cover.

We work with highly trained and accredited technicians nationwide, facilitating repairs to prevent your car from depreciating in value and keeping it looking its best.

Door Ding Repair:

Paintless Dent Repair is a process developed by the automobile manufacturing community, using specialized hand tools to gently push the metal back to its original form without harming the vehicles factory paint. Repairable areas are defined as and limited to exterior vertical body panels repairable within the limits of Paintless Dent Repair inspected and approved by an authorized PDR technician. If the damage to the vehicle is not repairable by PDR methods, no coverage will be offered.


Exterior Protection:

Paint touch-up repairs are defined as and limited to, paint scuffs, scratches & minor scrapes, not to exceed 5 inches. All repairs are to be considered non-body shop and requires the use of, specialized reconditioning airbrush or airless spray tools. Repairable areas are defined as and limited to exterior metallic vertical body panels repairable within the limits of our technician. Elite Auto Guard or assigned technician can’t guarantee a 100% Factory color match or factory paint blend.



Interior repair is defined as and limited to; leather and cloth seats, door panels, armrests, front & back of seats not to exceed two inches in diameter or five inches in length. Scratches, scuffs or tears are considered to be accidental. Damage due to neglect or collision is excluded. All benefits are subject to the industry standard method of repair without the removal of any OEM safety devices.


Windshield Protection:

Stars & cracks causes by small debris are repairable by industry standards limited and not to exceed two inches in length or diameter. If the damaged windshield should need replacement because repairs would not all it to function safely, the certificate holder should contact their comprehensive insurance provider for replacement. All claims need to be filed within 15 days of discovery of the windshield damage.


Factory Alloy Wheel Protection:

Minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches are limited to mobile tech industry standards reconditioning methods of repair. Damage is limited to repairable cosmetic surface damage only and does not include tire coverage, bent wheels or damages caused by a road hazard or accident. Aftermarket wheels are excluded.


Roadside Assistance:

Emergency roadside assistance is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for towing, jump starts, tire changes, vehicle fluid delivery, and lockout assistance.


Conditions and Limitations:
Elite Auto Guard can not guarantee that all damaged areas are repairable. We do not provide benefits or coverage for hail damage, collision neglect, large deep dents, creased metal, missing, cracked, damaged paint (due to an automotive accident). We do not provide benefits that are inaccessible due to the following: (a) The existence of after-market equipment, or (b) Where such after-market equipment or the installation thereof has altered the original vehicle configuration, (c) any area considered inaccessible due to safety issues or regulations or (d) aftermarket wheels, repainted body panel, or any other non OEM part.

Repairable areas are defined as and limited to the Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM). All claims are subject to a vehicle damage report filed and verified with the vehicle’s current comprehensive insurance carrier. In addition, a police report will be required before the completion of the repairs or service begins in some cases. An authorized technician will inspect the vehicle after all requested information is received and validated and schedule the vehicle for repair. Elite Auto Guard can not guarantee that all damaged areas are repairable.

Prior to any Service
Visit our website at www.EliteAutoGuard.com or call 888-653-2999 & follow the claims instructions, which will then verify the validity of the certificate (owner, vehicle and expiration date), authorize the claim, notify the repair technician, and schedule the repair.

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